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                        Hmmm, where can I start... Well the informations that you can see at the left side of the screen are 

few of the things that I can share here on this site... If you want to further know me you can e-mail me... I 

response everyday, 'coz I always check my e-mail everyday after work... Or I also posted my number that's the 

fastest way you can reach me... And that's the fastest I would response to your messages... HEHEHE! o(^_^)o

                        Well, what else?... Hmmmmmm?!.... Oh!, the song  "PROMISE" is the song I am listening to while 

I'm writing this part of my site... I just want to share... Well, that's all for now...   

                            ***COMING SOON*** 

 My Story for Geun Suk...The title of it is : Angel on